Our Story




Leaf Café was launched in 2008 on Sydney’s North Shore, by a man with a simple business initiative; to share his love and enthusiasm for quality food and coffee with others. John Han built the Leaf Café brand off simple, solid foundations; quality, uncompromised. Regardless of location, he made it his mission to deliver inner-city tastings, to outer-city suburbs.

Since 2008, the brand has multiplied, and now stores span an impressive radius across Sydney. It is difficult not to credit the brand’s success to John’s ability to forecast and stay abreast of Industry developments and trends. Hungry for progression, the roastery was established in South Granville in 2015, where the coffee hub is home to a massive 60kg roaster, blender and multiple 1 tonne silos. With the equipment upgrade, the team at Leaf Café could continue their premium pursuit of roasting high quality beans to perfection; ensuring every cup brewed would achieve that smooth blend.

Each Leaf Café & Co is uniquely designed with an emphasis on catering for the local community. Every store has its own identity and feel, yet retains the core Leaf Café & Co values at heart. As our Leaf Family continues to grow, we are always excited and eager to welcome new faces to the family.

Leaf Café & Co isn’t your typical franchise; we understand the operator and the hard work that is required. The team at Leaf Café & Co consists of individuals with extensive experience, who work alongside the franchisee to guide them through the scary yet enticing café industry. Leaf Café & Co enables the franchisees to secure their position as a front runner in the most current trends, not only with coffee and food but also in design.

“John aspired to open up the opportunity to others, to delight more coffee lovers all around Sydney with Leaf Café & Co’s caffeinated whilst also allowing our fellow coffee aficionados a chance to live the coffee dream.”


Leaf Cafe & Co. will always act to be well known for our brand values, “Passion, Knowledge & Experience”. Our team at Leaf Cafe & Co. work hard to build our knowledge to fuel our passion of good coffee and food, in order that we may produce a one of a kind Cafe experience to those who visit our stores.

“Passion, Knowledge & Experience”



Leaf Cafe & Co endeavors to work hand in hand with the franchisee to lead them along their journey in making their dreams of opening a café a reality. Working as a team, Leaf Café & Co aims to establish itself in the hearts and minds of coffee lovers for generations, creating a unique and recognizable brand among the elite players of the Australian Café Industry, through our unforgettable coffee, delicious food and high quality customer service.