Accessories Stove Top Espresso

Height: 22cm

Volume: 250mL

Italian Moka Pot System

We recommend washing Freud Stainless Steel items after use with a neutral or slightly alkaline detergent. After washing remember to DRY items IMMEDIATELY with a soft clean cloth. Store in a dry NON-metal container.

Stainless steel is dishwasher safe however wooden handle may be damaged. We recommend placing the item away from other metal objects and drying immediately after wash cycle.

Please follow these precautions in order to avoid permanent damage to the product.

Please allow between 10-15 minutes on a medium heat, for your Freud Stovetop to finish percolating and be ready to serve. Stainless Steel takes longer to heat up, however has the advantage of taking longer to cool down than aluminium, which keeps each shot hot.

Please note that some Freud Products may be display items and may or may not have original boxes available. Please send us an enquiry for further information.


Stove Top Espresso

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